We all deal with our small problems when we are part of something great.

We are an online journal set on a mission to portray female entrepreneurs, philosophers and initiative makers. We hope this platform will be able to enable and enhance the exposure these individuals receive all over the world.

Amongst other things, we want to showcase their stories, their passions, their challenges, their breakthroughs and we believe this would also provide a form of motivation or inspiration to other women out there who are going through the same thing or look for someone to look up to.

As individual members of the society, we should be free to carry out our passions. In line with this, we have divided our philosophies into various “freedoms”. We give these freedoms a twist as we portray the women who help us achieve these freedoms. For example, an entrepreneur who makes handmade organic bath soaps that smell so great is giving us a Freedom of Expression (where we express ourselves by our scent) as well as Freedom of Nature (where we are in line with nature by using something organic). We do hope this successfully aligns with the interests of other women out there who read and follow the stories.

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